Kishi & Associates K.K., the founder of "First Wednesday," has signed a media representation agreement with The New York Times Company to strengthen support for smooth and effective communication, message dissemination, branding improvement, and overseas expansion of Japanese companies and the government of Japan in the United States, Europe, and Asia(Full article).

Mr. Tatsuo Tanaka (Chairman of Apollo Global Management Japan, former Chairman of Citigroup Japan Holdings G.K., former Executive Vice President of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group) joined as our Special Executive Advisor. Mr. Tanaka's wealth of knowledge, management expertise, and network in the financial industry will be utilized to further accelerate and strengthen our future business development in order to create "a community where people experience happiness as they age(PR TIMES in Japanese and English)."

The Mainichi has published an article about the "Integrated Healthcare Initiative. The following is a summary of the report from the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper highlighting on the fourth event.

We are pleased to announce that our management study club "First Wednesday" for corporate management and "Integrated Healthcare Initiative" for company executives involved in healthcare, have each signed a media partnership with the New York Times at the begining of this December.

Integrated Healthcare Initiative organized by Artisan Group has successfully concluded its last three sessions. The past three sessions have focused on " pre-diseases, immunity, and prevention of frailty," with lectures on "Food and Fermentation" by Dr. Takeo Koizumi, an expert on fermentation, "Regional Regeneration and Prevention of Frailty" by Dr. Tsuji, former Vice Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, and " Challenges of Ageing" by Dr. Nandu Nandkishore, former EVP of Nestlé from a global perspective (with a commentator, Dr. Torkel Falkenberg, Board member of Karolinska Institutet, Sweden).

We would like to continue to deepen collaboration among our members to create an ecosystem platform among companies and research institutions based on " pre-disease" and "evidence" in the field of healthcare.

We are pleased to report that the successful 1st Integrated Healthcare Initiative ( Chairman: Mr. Nobu Kishi, Keynote Speech: Dr. Takeo Koizumi, fermentation scientist) was held on April 25, 2022.

In April this year, the Integrated Healthcare Initiative will be launched with the aim of creating "a community where the more you age, the happier you get (One Arcadia)," and to provide a place for learning each other on the themes of pre-disease, immunity and preventing frailty in an ageing society in Japan.

The aim is to create a forum where speakers of high quality from both Japan and overseas are invited to learn from each other, crossing all frameworks and boundaries, including industry and academic fields, from the perspective of the integrated healthcare needed in an ageing society, and to achieve the social implementation of integrated healthcare.
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Our SDGs project is featured in the G20 report titled"Creating a New Ecosystem Valuing Peoples Quality of Life".
The main theme of this project is happiness, health and long life, and it aims to create a community where people can experience true happiness by establishing a lifestyle center with integrated medical facilities, research institutes and care centers.

About G20 Report - Our article is on page 154
G20 Report is the official communication magazine of the G20 and is subscribed to by leaders of each country, government executives, Forbes 500 executives, and first class passengers.
These topics include global financial transparency, climate change, automation and the future of work, agriculture and food security, and health. SDGs has been a key theme for G20 in 2020 held in Saudi Arabia in the context of the global crisis of COVID-19 epidemic spread.

Artisan’s mission

Artisan creates “time” and “space” allowing people to experience happiness.

We collaborate with cities on urban development and management to create Smart Cities.

Artisan’s mission is to work alongside with people to create spaces for them to experience happiness.

We aim to contribute to a society that is not for efficient, human-oriented and with good quality of life, but also with spiritual improvement and happy experience, which have been neglected in our modern age. We aim to contribute to the creation of the better next generation of Japan and Asia.

PROJECTCreating a New Ecosystem Valuing Peoples Quality of Life

  • Provide realistic solutions in the field of urban development based on the concept of Smart City
  • Realize agreeable Smart Cities through appropriate investment
  • Develop and manage comfortable spaces


We seek to develop smart cities and medical checkup center for pre-symptomatic diseases where visitors can stay comfortably in beautiful places of nature both domestically and internationally.
We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by collaborating with leading medical and rehabilitation facilities, promoting "safety" and "security" for each visitor using digital data, and providing a rich culinary experience.

Global Briefing Report 2020:
Creating a New Ecosystem Valuing Peoples Quality of Life
PDF document

We contribute to the creation of a Smart city both domestically and internationally through the lens of innovative integrated solutions involving not only the technology/IT fields but also many other fields including management, marketing, finance, and urban development.
Furthermore, we support Smart City projects run by regional and local governments using the analysis and management of digital data derived from the urban economic area. Through digital data analysis, we offer solutions to societal challenges and problems of regional differences, contributing to the formation of Japan and Asia through cooperation not only domestically but also with cities throughout Asia.

MESSAGEMessage from the CEO

We exist to create time and space for people to experience happiness.
People who have this common goal in their mind should not be separated by anything.
Our employees, staff members, external advisors, and partner companies spanning across disciplines both domestically and internationally- these professionals are united in our projects and for our projects.
As the logo of our company reveal, the colors representing our associates and external partners working together for a common goal, stepping up to make this dream come true.
This is how the Artisan Group works.
We hope to work together with our members, all individuals, and business partners With this common aspiration- to explore more happiness for our human world.

Artisan Group
Nobuhisa Kishi, CEO



Purpose is the Truth
We share the same goals, and we are here to realize these goals.
Action is the Truth
Gratefulness and swift action. This is the truth.
Moment of Truth
Put everything into this one present moment.
Truth lies in Love
Love. The true answer to everything.
Embrace the Earth
We will better the earth in which we live, and we will continue to protect it.


About Us

Company name: Artisan Group Co., Ltd.
Management team: Nobuhisa Kishi, CEO
Kiyoshi Tezuka, Vice Chairman & Executive Director
Capital: 59,999,444 yen (including capital reserve)
Address: Minami Azabu 4 chōme 2-27 1F, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0047
Established: April 26, 2019
Company purpose: Domestic and international urban development, regional development, management and development of Smart Cities, investment, advisory services. Development and management of medical checkup center for pre-symptomatic diseases.
Membership management club "First Wednesday":